Minimalist Barrel Harness

$35.95 USD

The Minimalist Barrel Harness encases a 60L, 30L or 20L barrel 360 degrees in webbing and is designed to make it easier hauling the barrel and to secure the barrel during transportation or to hang in a tree. The Minimalist Barrel Harness provides multiple lash points to tie a rope or connect a webbing strap. It also has four (4) built in handles to make carrying your barrel easier as well as getting it in and out of your canoe/raft/vessel.

The Minimalist Barrel Harness does not have shoulder straps. The Minimalist Barrel Harness is perfect for those trips where the only time your barrel is carried is from the vessel to the campsite and back. Another use for the Minimalist Barrel Harness is when portaging with a pack or barrel and you want to flip a second barrel up on top. The second barrel wrapped in a Minimalist harness can be easily balanced using the yellow hi-viz tether straps on the top and bottom.

Price is for harness only.

Now available.


MINIMALIST Barrel Harness


  • Fits a 60L, 30L or 20L barrel
  • 4 accessible grab loops make it easy to handle.
  • Two horizontal webbing straps – one at top and bottom, plus four vertical webbing straps
  • A Hi-Viz Yellow strap over the top of the barrel with a quick release buckle
  • A Hi-Viz Yellow strap under the bottom of the barrel
  • Top and bottom straps are extra long to enable a tethered hold if this barrel is slung on top of another pack or barrel across a portage.
  • Comes in a re-usable stuff sack

Who would use a Minimalist Barrel Harness?

  • Canoeists or boaters who don’t need to portage, but want an easier way to move the barrel to/from their watercraft and around the campsite as well hang in trees or tie down to trees/rocks.
  • Canoeists who want to carry a barrel sideways on top of a barrel in harness or on top of a canoe pack.
  • Rafters who want to tie the barrel into their raft.

Volume: Fits 60L, 30L and 20L barrels
Material: 1 inch nylon webbing
Weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz
Colour: Black and Yellow

Extra Options:
External Pouch (Regular and Extra Large) – for outside the barrel
Barrel Buckets (Open and Lidded) – for inside the barrel
Barrel Pocket Organizer – for inside the barrel
Barrel Cooler (Large & Small) – for inside the barrel
Kitchen Organizer (Large & Small) – for inside the barrel

Video: Minimalist Barrel Harness

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