EXPEDITION Canoe Pack & Waterproof Dry Bag Liner Package

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The EXPEDITION Canoe/Portage pack will get your gear comfortably and securely over the roughest portage trails. Our largest canoe pack is designed to work hard and perform up to the highest expectations. Loaded with features that will be appreciated every time you travel to your favourite paddling destinations or adventures into new lands. Coupled with the Waterproof Canoe Pack XL Dry-bag Liner you have a great pack and a waterproofing solution. A great combo and you will receive 10% off your entire order when you check-out.

Choose if you want a Heavyweight or Lightweight waterproof liner. Optional: Add the Internal Frame, Super Tump or Tumpline.


EXPEDITION Canoe Pack & Waterproof XL Dry-Bag Pack Liner Package


  • Extra comfy padded shoulder straps and hip belt.
  • Full length foam pad in the back panel means your gear is not digging into your back.
  • 7 padded handles – one on front, 2 on back & 2 on each side for easy handling.
  • Yellow adjustment straps are easy to see on hip belt, shoulder straps and under the lid.
  • Side compression straps and bottom pockets.
  • Large zippered lid pocket opens easily even under tension.
  • Adjustable sternum strap.
  • Top cuff under the lid for extra volume.
  • Daisy chains on front and lid to attach extra gear.
  • Double fabric layers in the bottom for durability.
  • Reinforcement on – handles, shoulder strap & hip belt.
  • Easy-Snug hip-belt adjustment buckles for one-handed operation.
  • Optional Tumpline, Super Tump and Internal Frame available.

Overall Volume: 105-125 Litres / 6407 – 7628 cubic inches
Main Body Volume: 92.5 Litres / 5643 cubic inches
Attic/Cuff Volume: 27.7 Litres / 1690 cubic inches
Lid Pocket Volume: 4.8 Litres / 293 cubic inches
Dimensions: centimeters / inches
W:Width / D:Depth / H:Height
Main Body: W: 48.3cm / 19in D: 27.9cm / 11in H: 68.6cm / 27in
Attic/Cuff: W: 48.3cm / 19in D: 27.9cm / 11in H: 20.3cm / 8in
Lid Pocket: W: 33cm / 13in D: 7.6cm / 3in H: 38.1cm / 15in
Material: 1000 Denier Nylon
Weight: 2 kg/ 4.4 lbs
Colours: Red or Green

Video: EXPEDITION and TRIPPER Canoe Packs

Waterproof Canoe Pack Dry Bag Liner

This huge liner fits all canoe packs, even the biggest ones.
Roll the top ~ Tie half a knot ~ Buckle Close.
Taped seams and reinforced stress areas.

Huge! Fits packs 65-140L / 3966 – 8543 cu.in.
Choose either the 30 or 70 Denier waterproof coated ripstop nylon

Height: 125cm / 49in.
Length: 50cm / 19.75in.
Side Panel Width: 28cm / 11in
Weight: Lightweight: 336 gm / 12 oz OR Heavyweight: 695 gm / 24.5 oz
Colour: Bright Yellow

This waterproof liner is an XL dry bag for the inside of your pack and will handle all day rain or a spill in the rapids. Designed to be much taller than your pack ensures you can get lots of rolls to seal the contents before finishing with a simple half knot and clicking the bucket together to seal the deal.

Video: Waterproof Canoe Pack Dry-Bag Liner

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