Recreational Barrel Works logoRecreational Barrel Works Inc. is a North American business located in Peterborough Ontario. We are family owned and operated since 2000.

We supply new Barrels and and Barrel Harnesses, accessories and organizers, Canoe Packs and waterproof Canoe Pack Liners, and spare parts; (lids, rings, handles), for the outdoor enthusiast and to outdoor sports Retailers, Outfitters, Camps and Schools. Our barrels are both critter and waterproof making them great as food packs or as a dry pack.

We have been canoeing with barrels for over 30 years; leisurely family trips and white water adventures.  We do them every year, so we know how well the barrels work. We have designed the Harness and Canoe Packs we stock (and have been consulted for our design advice for most of the harnesses on the market) and would be happy to help you choose the one that best fits both your tripping needs and your budget.

Happy paddling.

Recreational Barrel Works Inc.