Barrel Pouch

20.19 EUR

The Barrel Pouch is great for items that you want to keep handy, such as rain-gear, snacks, sun-screen, toilet-paper or first-aid items.

Also handy for items you want kept outside the barrel, such as stove fuel.



A tubular pouch with a zipper down the side that attaches to your barrel harness by quick release buckles.
Quickly and easily detaches and re-attaches to your barrel.
Can also be used on a pack by using the daisy chain webbing opposite the zipper.

Fits on a 60L or 30L barrel Harness.
Also fits on any pack with side compression straps.
Volume: 6.15 Litres / 375 in²
Length: 43cm / 17 inches
Diameter: 13.5cm / 5 inches

Video: External Barrel Pouch

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