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Recreational Barrel Works
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do people use the barrels for?
A: Barrels are normally used for food or any items that they want to keep dry and protected. Barrels are used primarily on canoe trips. Some trippers have one food barrel and soft packs for the remainder of their gear, while others place all of their gear in barrels. Other uses include remote wilderness base-camps, Dog-sledding and more.
Q: Can I take my barrel on a float-plane?
A: Yes, float planes do not fly high enough to need to maintain a pressurized cabin or cargo area.
Q: Can I take my barrel on a commercial aircraft?
A: Yes, barrels are fine on commercial aircraft because commercial flights have pressurized cargo holds. If you suspect a large temperature or pressure change while transporting your barrels, remember to thread the vacuum release pull-tab (or a cable tie) through one of the two available slots in the lid before you close it. This will ensure that if a vacuum forms in your barrels you will be able to temporarily break the vacuum and remove the lid.
Q: How should I store my barrel during the off season?
A: We suggest that you store your barrel empty and clean.This way you ensure food or other odours don't stay in your barrel. We also suggest that you open the metal clamp ring. This releases the pressure on the gasket in the lid keeping it supple.
Q: Can I buy just a ring or a lid for my existing barrel?
A: Yes, we carry lids and rings for large and small barrels. If it does not fit your barrel; you can return it.
Q: Who made your great Company logo?
A: Paul Mason was the artist for our logo. We feel fortunate to have hired a skilled artist like Paul who was able to understand our concept and bring it to life. Check out him further at: Paul Mason - Advertising

Q: How can I purchase a barrel/harness?
A: You can purchase directly from us via phone or through the many retailers that carry our barrels.
Q: When is the best time to phone RBW to place my order?
A: To place an order, give us a call at our tollfree number 1-866-222-6311. The best time to reach us is usually weekdays between 5pm and 8:30pm Eastern Time Zone, or all day Sat & Sun.
Q: How do you ship the barrel/harness to me?
A: We will research and ship via the least expensive method. These methods include the Postal Parcel Service and Greyhound Bus. However, if you need your order faster we can do that via courier.
Q: How can I pay for my barrel?
A: Recreational Barrel Works accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Checks/Cheques.
Q: Does RBW supply Retailers, Outfitters and Camps?
A: Yes. We supply small and large commercial organizations. Give us a call for more details.
Q: Does RBW have volume discounts?
A: Yes. Contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote.

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